Monday, November 5, 2007

TV's Tim Stack

I'm a big fan of My Name Is Earl, and I'm fond of many of the characters, such as Randy (of course), Darnell aka Crab Man, Mr. Turtle, Chubby, Little Chubby, Nescobar-A-Lop-Lop, and Willie the One-Eyed Mailman. But no one ever mentions my most favorite character of all: TV's Tim Stack.

He's a great character for many reasons, including:

  • He's playing himself, although one would hope it's a highly-fictionalized version.
  • It's always funny to see a grown man in a diaper.
  • It's a hoot seeing all of Camden County kowtow to such a miserable drunken "celebrity".
  • Calling anybody "TV's blank" is also always funny - see TV's Frank on the late lamented MST3K.
Of course, I've been a Tim Stack fan for quite some time, going back to his Night Stand with Dick Dietrick days. TV's Tim Stack, of course, likes to remind people of his starring turn in syndicated series Son of the Beach, and is always seen in public in his Beach costume, but Night Stand was by far the better program.

But I digress. I just think it's time to show some love for TV's Tim Stack. I've felt this way since his first appearance, but I think it was this line in last week's episode that clinched it for me:

"America, America,
The score is orange to none..."

--TV's Tim Stack, drunkenly singing during the impromptu 4th of July fireworks on My Name Is Earl episode "Our Other Cops Is On, Part 2"

So, let's give it up for TV's Tim Stack, the celebrity with no shame. 'Cause Lord knows there aren't enough of those in the world...

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