Monday, March 3, 2008

Ben Folds - "Fred Jones Part 2" live

I realize that the musical offerings on this blog have been a bit Folds-heavy (or should I say Foldsian? Folds-tastic? Foldserrific?), but I've just been digging what he's putting down lately. And after seeing the man himself in concert this past Friday, I was moved to post yet another Foldsalicious video clip.

This one is a particular favorite - it's a great song that is actually better live, and it features special guest vocals from John McCrea of Cake. Mmmm... cake. But I digress.

So, here's Ben & John performing "Fred Jones Part 2" on VH1. (If you'd like to see a clip from the actual concert I attended on Friday, I posted one on my main blog here earlier tonight. It's pretty low quality, but it's an as-yet-unreleased song from his upcoming album, which is kinda cool.)

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